As a firm believer that the foundation for any hockey players’ development is built around skating, I could not be happier with the progression my son achieved over the course of this past season with LOSA. His edging, balance and stride development are directly attributed to the expert instruction received from Alicia and the Lights Out staff. I’m satisfied the foundation has been set this past training season for future progression in my sons skating. See you next season!

Tom McNally

“Most hockey experts agree that skating is a priority in the game today; it is the key to becoming a successful hockey player. Improve your skating and the skills and hockey sense will follow. We rely on LOSA team to develop our sons’ skating technique – they are one of the best skating schools around!”

Roger Torriero

LOSA is a great school to get your kids skating correctly.  I would highly recommend using the academy.  Alicia and Mark truly care about seeing the kids develop.  Mark goes out of his way to make sure he has the right instructors in place to get the best out of your kids.

Jerry Di Iorio

Instructors at Lights out Skating Academy are not just blowing the whistle and running the drills like many other ordinary instructors in the various skating programs I have participated in. They skated with my kid and offered him the tailor-made lessons based on his weakness and bad habit. Lights out Skating Academy is a place to give our kids hands- on experience with precision skating skills. They are truly amazing!!


Noah Kwon

This is to highly recommend the training sessions provided by LOSA. From Dec. 2016 to end of Feb. 2017 a group of my 2008 Selects completed a training session with LOSA. The kids were thrilled to attend each week and as a coach (and parent) you can’t ask for anything more. Trainers kept the kids focused and transitioned quickly from drill to drill. The kids made visible progress from week to week and more importantly gained the confidence to extend themselves beyond what they though they could achieve.

I initially reached out to Mark to help plan our sessions. He was extremely accommodating and worked very hard to present training options that fit our schedules. Responses were prompt and provided all the answers I needed to make the best decision for our group.
We had a great session with LOSA and will be back!
Mike Ince – Asst. Coach – Hillcrest Summits
I just want to thank you so much for the amazing time my son has had at LOSA hockey academy.  Not only has his stick-handling and skating improved dramatically, his confidence has just blossomed while working with your school.  Your love of the game and patience in working with him, have left a lasting impression on him.  It was awesome to watch him enjoy his time on the ice, interact with each of you, and just love every minute.  As a dad, I could not have asked for a better hockey academy experience for him.  
Alicia and Mark, your love for the game and the kids is truly appreciated. 


Anthony Di Lecce
My son’s footwork has improved vastly working with Lights Out Skating Academy.  Alicia is an absolute magician on the ice and Mark is a first class professional off the ice.  Thanks a lot for everything!
Sunny Dosanjh

Our son has been attending Lights Out Skating Academy for the season and we have seen an incredible improvement in his balance, agility and edging.  Lights Out Skating Academy sessions strategically incorporate skating fundamentals that serve as essential components of any hockey player’s skating skill set.  The on ice staff is professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommended Lights Out Skating Academy.

Jason Diplacido

The instructors at Lights out Skating academy are excellent.  Alicia is very hands on, which is exactly what young players need to develop  proper edges, balance and coordination.  Alicia quickly identifies the areas of improvement with my players and was able to correct  with a positive approach.  The improvement I saw was significant in a short period of time.  I would definitely recommend Lights Out Skating Academy.

Mark Hopper

I would definitely recommend Lights Out Skating Academy to anyone who wants to develop or strengthen their skating skills.

I really appreciated the time, support and encouraging nature that the coaches gave in both the instructions and corrections.

After only a few lessons, my sons skating abilities improved so much that even his hockey coaches noticed.  His confidence increased…as well as his love of the game!

Andrea Strazzeri