It’s been about 18 months since A.J. first stepped on the ice with the amazing team of instructors at L.O.S.A and his skating is night and day from that first session.  The progression and focus on all the tools he needs to excel at the highest level are at the forefront of each session; edgework, stamina, and movement on the ice are LIGHTS OUT!  I could go on and on about all the amazing things L.O.S.A has to offer like the fact you can just book a session day of and not pre-pay for 8 like every other company and then won’t allow for a makeup class should a scheduling issue arise.  Bottom line is that most kids can shoot the puck because they all have the ability to do it on their driveways or with their team coaches but unless you invest the time and money into L.O.S.A you’re debilitating them on the ice.  In my opinion the biggest difference between kids at all levels is their skating ability and if you’re child has the passion, discipline and desire to be the best you need to go to L.O.S.A, I promise you that if you make the commitment in a couple of months you will see amazing results in your child!
Thank you so much Mark, Michelle, Chloe and all the other instructors A.J. has had the opportunity of learning from; we owe so much of his success to all of you! 
We’ll send pics from Edmonton!
Justin Gladman

Since our son has been going to L.O.S.A on a regular basis we have see a tremendous improvement on his stride and edge work . The more frequently he has worked with the L.O.S.A instructors the quicker we have seen a change in his skating ability in both practices and games . The instructors pay attention to each skaters needs and get the most out of each student , while making it interesting and fun!

Thank you L.O.S.A staff

The Bruce family

Steve Bruce

L.O.S.A is such an amazing group of coaches and teachers. They spend the time to really get to know your child and focus in on how to make them better each session.

The attention to detail and the passion each coach has is amazing. I am extremely happy with what they have been able to teach my son in such a small amount of time. My son is always excited and having fun at each lesson.

Thank you Team L.O.S.A!

Li Gayle

We were first introduced to “Lights Out Skating Academy” through a friend; who said if your son loves hockey then he needs to try out “L.O.S.A” to further enhance his skating and skills.

Mark (who runs “L.O.S.A”) and his team of coaches and instructors, host several sessions that center on strengthening skills like skating (where they focus on balance, power and finesse) and stick-handling, passing and shooting, in an environment that allows your child to play alongside other kids who have the same love of the game.

If your child is new to the world of ice hockey or a seasoned veteran, their development never stops and as a parent you want to give them every opportunity to excel.

“L.O.S.A” clearly excels in skating and skills development; while providing a high energy and family friendly atmosphere.

I would highly recommend you give them a try, you will not be disappointed!

Mitch Pereira

Our Minor Atom team has been working with L.O.S.A for several months.  We
have found the skating technique and performance of our players has
improved substantially.  What we most appreciate is the focus on the
micro elements of the stride which, taken as a whole, provide greater
acceleration and top-line speed with enhanced lateral mobility.

L.O.S.A instructors connect well
with our players and their genuine focus on their development comes
through every session.

Working with Mark has been great.  He takes the time to understand our
needs and develop a program that best achieves our objectives.

We are big fans!

Philip Lucchese

My son has attended session with Lights Out Skating Academy; the instructors spend the time and effort to correct and develop skating technique, so that it is performed properly.   They provide an environment were kids can improve their skating and hockey skills in a safe and professional environment.  I would strongly recommend the program and trainers at L.O.S.A.

Leo Frisoli
Our son is so proud to be part of the Lights Out Skating Academy! The opportunity to be on the ice with ALL the FANTASTIC instructors who have the passion to help the development of not only my son, but all the kids. Very impressive how much attention is given to every detail of skating , from balance, strength, power, skating technique.
and even mental approach – (positive attitudes of the instructors). My son has improved in every area and will continue to experience the well organized on ice sessions which  provide a fantastic environment where kids can develop their skills, have fun and feel their confidence grow. Thanks to everyone at L.O.S.A who have made such a positive impact on our son.
Billy Silva

“My son is a goalie and has been going to the Lights Out Skating Academy for a year now, and his skating development has been second to none. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and work great with the kids. If you’re looking for a fun, but challenging skating school to help develop or push your child to the next level, I would highly recommend L.O.S.A.”

Korry Dickout

We joined Lights Out Skating Academy because we were interested in the goalie skating program offered.

We are staying because in just a few sessions, we noticed that the skating improvement was monumental.
Our goalie has always been able to skate, but with L.O.S.A. sessions he is beginning to gain a whole new level of confidence!
From novice to elite level hockey players, we have watched L.O.S.A. staff work with children at a level and pace that shows measurable improvement.
To excel at any level of hockey, solid skating lays the foundation for all the skills work required to play the game.
Lights Out Skating Academy offers that foundation, and has provided a service for young goaltenders that is simply not available any where else!
Jocelyn Walsh
My son and members of his Minor Atom A team have been working with the L.O.S.A trainers/coaches since January 2018.  The improvement happened quickly and significantly!!!. L.O.S.A helped improve their edgework, balance and agility. 
I strongly recommend the program for small groups which ensures that each skater gets the correct assessment and attention required. 
It was a pleasure to deal with Mark and all of his instructors.  They were pleasant, flexible, knowlegeable and accommodating.  We arranged a number of small group sessions for our team; the group of parents, kids and coaches all felt satisfied, valued and appreciated.
I look forward to working with L.O.S.A again in the near future!!!
Rob Costabile