After approximately 36 private skating lessons at various establishments I saw little progress in my 3 young children’s skating skills. After being a tad frustrated I conducted phone interviews with several skating schools; ultimately deciding on Lights Out Skating Academy. My experience with Mark was professional, informative and most of all he understood the goals. After 3 classes my children’s skill levels were so drastically improved I had others who had seen them skate previously inquiring with respect to what I had done to improve their respective skill levels. Mark and his team has delivered their objectives and have stayed the course of consistency and professionalism. Although, I am testifying to the tremendous success we have experienced what has been even more gratifying is the level of transparency and commitment to delivering value to me regarding spend and objective.    

K. Newman

K. Newman

L.O.S.A has everything I was looking for in a power skating academy.  Led by highly skilled professionals,  I like the fact that the session’s are focused and split into three sessions.  Starting with technique hand puck coordination than edge work in figure skating and the final session being a no pressure, fast paced, fun shinny game for the kids.  L.O.S.A has brought great confidence and results to my sons game in a short period of time.  Looking forward to many more!!

Rob Mammone

My son Jack has always had a passion for hockey, specifically, the goalie position, and although he had never actually played Ice Hockey or skated before, that didn’t stop him from joining his first hockey team this past year (2017-2018), at the age of 9.

With his first year behind him, and a little more confidence on the ice, it was time for the next step.

I reached out to Mark at the Lights Out Skating Academy. I told him all about Jack’s passion for hockey and his dream to become a goalie, even though Jack required additional skating lessons and goalie training. Without hesitation, Mark told me to bring him out to the L.O.S.A training sessions. (more…)

Tony Iozzo

I put my 5 year old son in L.O.S.A private lessons as he has never been on skates before. Just after 3 lessons he was able to skate across the rink by himself without falling. After 6 lessons he is almost skating backwards. We are so happy with his progress so far and can’t believe how quick he is learning. Thanks to the instructors, they are Top Noch!!!

I would very much recommend L.O.S.A to anyone that has never been on skates or that feels they would like to improve their skating ability.

Mark is fantastic to deal with, he cares about your questions and concerns. He also cares about the improvement of your child.

Melaine Gradowski

We chose Lights Out Skating Academy to take our son’s development to the next level, and we’re very pleased with our decision. The greatest skill the trainers have, is the ability to relate to the students; individually. They spend time working with each skater; ensuring the drill is done right. With this group, it’s not all about who can do it the fastest, it’s about doing it right with continued practice in a small group setting. We look forward to our son working with L.O.S.A. and as a hockey player, we can’t wait to see what level L.O.S.A takes him to.

Danielle Murray

“I would like to thank the L.O.S.A team for being a game changer in my son’s confidence on the ice. My son was in a rut when I decided to try out L.O.S.A in an effort to ignite the fire he once had. Ever since he attended the first skills/shinny session, he’s been a different player on the ice. The player I know he can be is what came out and I believe it’s a direct reflection of what L.O.S.A and the team do on the ice. A pat on the back from someone other than a parent or current coach is all a kid needs sometimes to start a fire and that’s what they did for my boy!! I can’t thank you enough for bringing my boy back to loving hockey again!

Charlie Gueli
I started taking my 2009 son to L.O.S.A about 4 months ago to focus solely on his skating.  It was a big change for him to go on the ice with no sticks or pucks but it has been amazing.  The team of trainers is top notch and we have seen such great improvements in his edges, control and speed.  L.O.S.A will continue to be a key component in my son’s development as he gets ready to enter his first season of AAA.  I would highly recommend L.O.S.A to anyone serious about improving their skating skills!
Adam Schachter

As a coach, player, fan, and student of the game the L.O.S.A program provides all the key aspects of player development required for the game of hockey. L.O.S.A team has a excellent understanding of the type of development needed to improve the most important  aspects of the game of hockey. I cannot express how much value his training has been in the development of my son. I will be using L.O.S.A for all of our training needs.

Enzo D’Amico

Enzo D’Amico

Mark is great with kids and is very passionate in what he does. I see a big improvement in my sons confidence and development. I would highly recommend L.O.S.A. Mark also takes time to listen to the parents questions and concerns.

Sam Panetta

I have never had the time to take my son to any extra hockey camps in the past.  This past year I have made the effort with L.O.S.A and had no idea how important It was for his development.  Julian skills has dramatically increased especially in skating. I would most definitely recommend L.O.S.A team to anyone who would like to see immediate results.

Tara Mccarthy