• Intensive training that optimize power, balance, control and agility on the ice.
Coaching: (289) 221-3052
Coaching: (289) 221-3052

Team Skating Lessons

Introducing our newest coach, Olympian figure skater Josée Chouinard!

Josée Chouinard is the 1996 Champions Series Final bronze medallist and a three-time Canadian national champion (1991, 1993-1994). She finished in the top ten at two Winter Olympics.

L.O.S.A is excited to announce that Olympian figure skater Josée Chouinard will be coaching the Group Skating sessions on Tuesdays - Wednesdays and Thursdays for the month of July & August @ NTR in Richmond Hill, Ontario.


Professional team training to enhance speed, acceleration, dexterity, finesse, stability and control under pressure

The foundation of all hockey skills derive from an understanding of the powerful mechanics that optimize control, power, balance, control and agility on ones skates and ones blades that give rise to power, grace, control and agility in virtually all other aspects of the game.


With dedicated team training, using these foundational principles your child's hockey skills will evolve faster and become more balanced and on the ice in all circumstances.


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Team Training


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