• Intensive training that optimize power, balance, control and agility on the ice.
Coaching: (416) 917-1067
Coaching: (416) 917-1067


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Gensen Geldart #95

Lights out is amazing! It has helped me with all of my skating techniques. My stride has imporved, my edges are tight and I am much faster. The trainers are highly skilled and I love going.


Gensen Geldart


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Lights Out Skating Academy Testimonials

client reviews

Lights Out Skating Academy
A special thanks to the L. O. S. A team for working with both our boys on elevating their skating abilities, from edge work to transitions their instruction is top notch.   With our older son they were able to have him step out his comfort zone and have him apply what’s he learned to excel in games ultimately allowing him to make the jump to AAA.   For our younger son, L. O. S. A training allowed him to earn more ice time including special teams and end of game situations where he’s thrilled to be back with his team again for another year of AAA hockey.   Keep up the great work as we look forward to continued success with the Lights Out family.    .

Oliver Gayagoy & Marcia Cushing

I’d like to give a special thank you to Lights Out Skating Academy for the focus, time, and effort they put towards developing my son’s skating skills. The trainers at L. O. S. A can assess where skating improvements are needed and instruct accordingly. We recently took part in a private session where my son’s skating needs were met with detailed correction ofmovement patterns. Within this one lesson, his abilities and skating skills such as balance, stopping, and overall body control were improved significantly. There is absolute value in training with Lights Out Skating Academy for those looking to improve skating skills, and those who areseeking skill correction and development of motor learning.

Charles Lorusso

My son has been attending L. O. S. A for the last couple of years,  and his edgework and skating abilities have improved tremendously. This is all in part to Alicia/Mark and their fantastic team.   The small group sessions allow the instructors to focus on the children and have them correct their mistakes. The instructors are all very knowledgeable and patient with the children, making L. O. S. A an enjoyable experience.   If you are looking for an excellent way for your child to improve his or her skating, I highly recommend L. O. S. A .

Tony Caruso

My 8-year-old son started skating with L. O. S. A a year ago with a beginner skating/skills program he was skating with 3-4-year-olds in learn to skate programs with an ambition to play competitive hockey. L. O. S. A  was recommended by a friend, and we started going to group skates with L. O. S. A trainers as well as private lessons that were made available at convenient times for us after school. Mark and his team of trainers worked with my son twice a week, and the level of trainers L. O. S. A has is second to none! Ayden improved every week and learned new skills. His speed agility and balance are now at a level that exceeds most kids his age. Ayden plays select hockey simply because of the work he put in with L. O. S. A trainers! Today we continue to train with them weekly as no hockey team can provide this kind of training. Ayden continues to develop his skills at L. O. S. A, and we see it as an excellent add on for hockey development. With the help of the L. O. S. A coaches, you are given the opportunity to excel; I would recommend this to any parent who has a child wanting to improve their skating, speed and agility. Your choice is simple; they are simply the best at what they do.

Roy Jacoby

L. O. S. A  Skating coaches’ dedication & expertise resulted in IMMEDIATE improvement in my son’s skating confidence & techniques! Mark & Alicia has carefully crafted the most incredible team of instructors! For all newbie to advanced AAA skaters, everyone will benefit from coaches’ passion, patience and dedication to your son/daughter!  The minute my son gets off the ice, completely drenched from his session, he asks when we are coming back!  Personal, focused development during our sessions transcended immediately to my son's performance with his team. If you are looking for a results-driven program - L. O. S. A is the one! .

Olga Nasrallah

Lights Out Skating Academy is an excellent program. Both my children have participated, and I love that they both look forward to going because they feel comfortable. A non-threatening environment is the first step for some young skaters. Mark and his staff are so friendly, and the coaches really take their time with their skaters. I love watching them split the groups up by ability and seeing all the different skating drills they do each week. The coaches take their time to stop and show each skater what needs adjusting and are also giving skaters high fives for encouragement. I have noticed improvements in edge work, speed, balance and agility in both my children. My husband was also super impressed when he came out to see what the program was all about, he said, “ It’s worth every dollar!” Whether your child just needs some extra practice or is a new skater, I strongly believe Lights Out Skating Academy will help. I also love the convenience of different locations and times!.

Melissa Gervasi

The genuine honesty and commitment to create an environment that focuses on what is best for the kids is what Mark, Alicia and the entire L. O. S. A team strive for.   The breakout sessions allowed my son to get exposure to different types of training including power skating, puck and stick control resulting in an overall improvement in his game play.   The instructors and trainers take the time to demonstrate the lesson and my son looks forward to working with them.   Mark is a great resource and provides excellent insight on what is best for my son. I highly recommend the L. O. S. A program without hesitation.  .

Laura S.

We are so happy to have the opportunity to attend Lights Out Skating Academy. This program brings in the best instructors. With their amazing skills, attention to detail and the programs small groups, it has helped to improve Caiden’s skating. While developing skills, the kids are always having fun and look forward to every session. Thanks for running such a great program!.

The Clair’s

I have two boys 8 and 10, both currently playing rep hockey.   Both of my boys have attended several of the L. O. S. A training sessions in the past for both the regular weekly skates, as well as private training. In my opinion, L. O. S. A  runs a highly effective program that is at the same time, both fun and engaging for the kids. From beginners to pro’s, the L. O. S. A staff are all first rate instructors with a passion for detailed development of each player. I would recommend L. O. S. A to all players that want to improve their skating and elevate their game. Thanks,.

Sal Letteiri

My son started in small groups, and soon we noticed his skating was improving. Not much longer after that his coach asked what we were doing with him, I told him we took his advice and found a great program that works on power skating, and we love the results, as did our coach. My son continues to work with L. O. S. A as he loves the challenge of the program every time he's on the ice. Thank you to all of the staff at L. O. S. A for taking the time to correct and properly working with my son and aiding him to become a better overall hockey player.  .

Joe Meile

My son had the amazing opportunity to work with Lights Out Skating Academy, both through his hockey team training as well as individual development sessions that I took him to on his own. I cannot say enough about the LOSA program!  Not only do the instructors keep the kids constantly moving, but they know HOW to instruct young players so they "get it" while having fun! What was most important to me was that they corrected any mistakes my son was making in his stride, edges and posture. As a result, his skating (and confidence!) has vastly improved.   I highly recommend LOSA to everyone!  My son loved every minute of his sessions with LOSA and is looking forward to more summer sessions with them.

Mylene (Hockey Mom to Gage Pereira 2010)

Lights Out Skating Academy’s attention to detail, energy, passion and commitment to their students, a fantastic program that teaches the players how to skate, using their edges, proper balance so the player can stop, turn and drive off their blades with the most power.   They spend a tremendous amount of time focusing on doing it right, working on proper form and technique. The coaches have taught and strengthened the fundamentals of skating to my son. The attention to detail is impressive, and he is encouraged and pushed to be his best.

Bill Melo

My two sons attended the L. O. S. A March Break Camp as well as many other L. O. S. A programs.   Both boys improved their skating stride, edge work, balance as well as their puck skills, in a short period of time. As a Minor Hockey Coach myself, I recommended L. O. S. A to my team, and the players that went were very impressed. The instructors at L. O. S. A take the time to correct areas of improvement as well as provide positive reinforcement. It's great to see a skating/hockey school that helps kids get better instead of just blowing the whistle for the next player to do the drill.   I will definitely be taking my boys to L. O. S. A again soon.

Adam Stevens

I would like to pass on my appreciation for the great work and dedication of the whole team at Lights Out Skating Academy. Even though Julian is fairly new to the program, we have already seen a noticeable difference in his speed and edge work, not to mention his confidence on the ice! The attention to detail from the instructors is second to none and all while having fun! Job well done and we look forward to every skate!.

Paolo Miceli

I just want to thank you so much for the amazing time my son has had at LOSA hockey academy.   Not only has his stick-handling and skating improved dramatically, his confidence has just blossomed while working with your school.   Your love of the game and patience in working with him, have left a lasting impression on him.   It was awesome to watch him enjoy his time on the ice, interact with each of you, and just love every minute.   As a dad, I could not have asked for a better hockey academy experience for him.     Alicia and Mark, your love for the game and the kids is truly appreciated.  .

Anthony Di Lecce

L. O. S. A has everything I was looking for in a power skating academy.   Led by highly skilled professionals,  I like the fact that the session’s are focused and split into three sessions.   Starting with technique hand puck coordination than edge work in figure skating and the final session being a no pressure, fast paced, fun shinny game for the kids.   L. O. S. A has brought great confidence and results to my sons game in a short period of time.   Looking forward to many more!!.

Rob Mammone

I enrolled my two children into the Lights out Skating academy in order to improve their skating skills. I coach both of my kids who play hockey at the Rep level in Atom and Pewee. I would classify my players at the average level and I have tried for the last few seasons to improve their skating abilities to a higher level with slow results. Having viewed many youtube videos and watching other teams practices I tried to replicate the same drill(s) however did not gain positive results. I enrolled my children with the Lights out Skating Academy and Immediately both kids were impressed with the edging drills and more importantly the small group size per teacher. My daughters inability to stop properly was noticed immediately, whereas she can only stop in one direction. The staff quickly realized this and had one of the teachers that was available work this problem out one on one at center ice. In 5-10 minutes my daughter was able to stop using either foot as it was simply a balance and positioning problem on how to apply weight to the proper skate. In a few sessions I definitely noticed improvement with their skating. I would certainly recommend enrolling my children again prior to the start of the hockey season.

Michael Pappas

The noticeable difference for my 5 year old is simply overwhelming. He has better control, balance, and confidence when he skates. — Dmitry & Jean Verman.

Dmitry & Jean Verman

We saw a huge improvements I will continue to participate in this type of schooling. — Rocco Piccininno.

Rocco Piccininno

LOSA has a very friendly atmosphere makes the kids feel important and the small groups are fantastic in development of their skating!.

Nadia Alaimo

Lights Out Skating Academy coaches provided both my sons with superior skating and edging training. In just a couple sessions, I could see a huge improvement in their skating and even in their hockey game play. In all the different training and coaching that they have been through, Lights Out Skating Academy has provided them with useful training that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Pino & Jessica Santaguida

Thank you very much for providing the hockey community with the excellent skating training . Both of my boys gained skills and confidence that they lacked before attending your sessions. The improvement is unbelievable. When the hockey season starts up again my kids will definitely have the advantage they need to be the best . There is a visible improvement in there ability and confidence. Thank you lights out skating academy and see you soon.

Mario Persechini

My son really had a great time with Lights Out Skating Academy. He always finished the sessions with a big smile and I could tell that he had worked hard on all of the various drills. All the instructors did a great job at making my son (7) comfortable on the ice by being warm and friendly. Each of the instructors would take time to personally review the proper techinques in completing the various drills. As a parent I was very comfortable that my son was enjoying the experience and that he was learning the skating fundamentals that will help him enjoy hockey in the future and be the best player that he can be.

Michael O’Meara

40 minutes focused on just backwards skating, it was Awesome!!!My two boys loved it, they actually appreciated the edging drills. It is great that a school like this is opening for the King City community! 5:1 ratios with only pros, it was great!!.

Tammy Cocciardi

Lights Out has been a great resource for my tyke and atom kids. The drills and lessons boost their skating skills which really showed in their subsequent games. I really appreciate the March Break, P. A. Day, etc. scheduling as well. We will definitely use Lights Out again!.

Leslie Galbraith

The power skate training sessions were amazing for my 3 boys who are at different skill levels from beginner to intermediate. The coaches were highly enthusiastic and skilled, which was able to keep the kids attention and energy level up for the entire lesson. Noticed improvement after just one session. I would absolutely recommend this hockey training school!!!.

Karen Loukes

Brandon just made a Minor Atom Rep A team yesterday. Coach Greg and Brian said they like Brandon’s skating which I believe the three skating class he had with Light Out Skating Academy had made a big difference! We appreciate you and all the coaches efforts!.

May Yi

I was very impressed with Lights Out Skating Academy. My son Ethan just finished doing some sessions in March and April. The instructors are extremely knowledgable and do a great job making it fun for the kids while teaching them the necessary skills. Looking forward to having Ethan attend more sessions.

Howard Domb

I would highly recommend Lights Out Skating Academy to all parents of children playing minorhockey. LOSA provides an essential hockey skill that most training schools do not emphasize enough –edging, balance and agility. Alicia and her professional coaching staff deliver on their promise toimprove your child’s skating by focusing on edging and balance. Their small ratios of players to coachallow for the coaches to stop and correct players if they are not completing the drills correctly. Of themany training schools I’ve attended, this often does not happen. The drills focus on edging, balance,footwork and agility and help your child become stronger on their feet and develop confidence intheir skating. If you are looking to give your child an edge up on skating, LOSA is the place to go.

Greg Falbo

The training my 8yr old son received was hands down the best training to date that he has and will continue to receive. Anyone that knows me (over critical and judgmental) would confirm that for me to take the time to comment on this training means that I was impressed, not an easy task.   To say that this is critical training for all hockey players would be an understatement! I can say that the kids who attend this camp are easily distinguished from those who don’t. I could see the improvement in my son’s skating skills when the took the ice every single session.  The impact is huge.   There is an incredibly positive and encouraging attitude from all of the highly skilled coaches who continually administered challenging drills to build the basic skill sets. I was very impressed with the number of instructors on the ice, their professionalism. His skating stride was broken down to the basic components as they corrected and complemented what he has learned to date by giving him individual attention and instruction when needed. Most of his clinics that we have attended have been “do this, again, again” without explanation of how and why. My son was able to explain to me what he learned, what needs improvement and why it’s important to know and practice, unbelievable!   If they can take a kid like my son, a gamer not a real enthusiastic practice kid and make him excited about going back and skating without a stick and a puck I can’t wait to see what they can do with him with a stick and puck! They accomplished what his coaches and I have been trying to do, improve his edging and balance and lengthen his stride for more power and speed! The LOSA program is definitely something that I would like him to continue with. Thank You Alicia and crew, Your the best! Sincerely.

Dave Henderson

L. O. S. A- A true Elite skating academy!! Our son, Gregory Fernandez (aged 8) has participated in the skating school since the end of the 2015 year. We have been exceptionally pleased with the professionalism, friendship and skills shown by everyone associated with this organization.   The Lights Out Skating Academy has helped our son to gain confidence and learn many skills central to skating which includes edging, balance, control, agility and foot speed. What pleases us most however is the manner in which each instructor has repeatedly taken time to offer a word of encouragement, a smile, a quick tip for instruction and a patient approach that has helped our son to learn at his own rate and ability level.   The instructors come with impressive resumes which include extensive personal experience and teaching backgrounds. They clearly have a passion for the work they are doing and their results are evident in the clear progress made by participants on a week to week basis. Our son looks forward to each session and puts in a strong effort each and every time. There is no doubt that the Lights Out Skating Academy has contributed to our son’s success and progression on the ice.

Mrs. Lianne and Steve Fernandez

I had both my son’s attend several training sessions. LOSA provided consistently high quality sessions. The small group sized enables each trainer to focus on and ensure that each child understands the movements involved. All the highly skilled trainers are professional and invested in developing the kids skating abilities. The drills are well planned and organized. Rotation to different stations allows the kids to experience of variety of drills and meet with each of the trainers. LOSA definitely will enhance my children’s hockey game.

Nancy Pannia

When I set out to find a skating instructor for both boys whom play AAA I hockey I didn’t want to just leave them in the hands of and school or instructor. I wanted them to be coached by someone who cares, works well with kids and understands where their individual areas of weaknesses are. I found all of that and more in Mark and Alicia from The Lights Out Skating Academy. They took the time to evaluate each of them and worked hard during each session towards improving. They explained to my boys the reason and details behind every movement from inside to outside edges and stride. I didn’t take long to see the boys develop after each session. Thank you Mark and Alicia.

Robert Dell’Elce

My 8 year old son is currently playing tier 1 NYHL select and has been to multiple LOSA sessions. At first, I wasn’t sure my son would enjoy it…. no sticks or pucks! But after our first session, he couldn’t wait to go back! LOSA’s instructors are fantastic! Great with the kids and VERY helpful during the drills, always correcting and demonstrating. His skating has improved tremendously with their help. I have been around hockey a lot and I would definitely recommend this program.

Jamie Brown

HIGHLY recommend Lights Out Skating Academy!   Mark and Alicia have created a tremendous program. It’s a very positive environment run by great people. The on ice session is led by Alicia Keenan who is an exceptional teacher and is supported by her professional coaching team. The small ratio of players to coaches allow for the LOSA team to provide immediate correction. LOSA’s program has allowed my son to make significant improvements in his skating.

James & Claudia McIinnis

“Lights Out Skating Academy” the name says it all! Their teaching technique and disciplinary skating skill has developed our son Joshua who is a hockey player, taking this extra program to clean up his skating. Joshua has been training with this academy since they opened and as a parent investing their time and money we couldn’t be more happier in the progression our son has made. Lights out to all of you teachers who have taken the time to show these kids how to skate properly in order for them to develop and progress in their hockey years. Thank you to all of you and looking forward to many more sessions with this fantastic skating academy”.

Linda and Anthony Caloiero

HIGHLY recommend Lights Out Skating Academy!   Mark and Alicia have created a tremendous program. It’s a very positive environment run by great people. The on ice session is led by Alicia Keenan who is an exceptional teacher and is supported by her professional coaching team. The small ratio of players to coaches allow for the LOSA team to provide immediate correction. LOSA’s program has allowed my son to make significant improvements in his skating.

James & Claudia McIinnis

Lights Out Skating Academy is made up of true training professionals, who offer their experience in a friendly and unintimidating way, allowing the kids to get the most out of each session and wanting to come back again. They areaccommodating and are able to deal with kids of all skill levels. I would highly recommend them!.

Jennifer Bianco

Alicia Keenan and your team   I would like to thank you Alicia, and your team on the work and effort you have been instilling in my son. He has come along tremendously in his skating and edge work. You definitely can see the outcome in game situations. Daniel, for a 2011 player, playing a year up has been seen as one of the top players on the team, and within the league. With that being said, I would like to thank you and your team for your dedication to making these players being better skaters, and instilling these excellent attributes at such a young age.  .

Stephen Ongaro

Our son has been attending Lights Out Skating Academy for the season and we have seen an incredible improvement in his balance, agility and edging.  Lights Out Skating Academy sessions strategically incorporate skating fundamentals that serve as essential components of any hockey player’s skating skill set.  The on ice staff is professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommended Lights Out Skating Academy.

Jason Diplacido

The instructors at Lights out Skating academy are excellent.  Alicia is very hands on, which is exactly what young players need to develop  proper edges, balance and coordination.  Alicia quickly identifies the areas of improvement with my players and was able to correct  with a positive approach.  The improvement I saw was significant in a short period of time. I would definitely recommend Lights Out Skating Academy.

Mark Hopper

I would definitely recommend Lights Out Skating Academy to anyone who wants to develop or strengthen their skating skills. I really appreciated the time, support and encouraging nature that the coaches gave in both the instructions and corrections. After only a few lessons, my sons skating abilities improved so much that even his hockey coaches noticed.   His confidence increased…as well as his love of the game!.

Andrea Strazzeri

My son’s footwork has improved vastly working with Lights Out Skating Academy.   Alicia is an absolute magician on the ice and Mark is a first class professional off the ice.  Thanks a lot for everything!.

Sunny Dosanjh

Instructors at Lights out Skating Academy are not just blowing the whistle and running the drills like many other ordinary instructors in the various skating programs I have participated in. They skated with my kid and offered him the tailor-made lessons based on his weakness and bad habit. Lights out Skating Academy is a place to give our kids hands- on experience with precision skating skills. They are truly amazing!!.

Noah Kwon

This is to highly recommend the training sessions provided by LOSA. From Dec. 2016 to end of Feb.  2017 a group of my 2008 Selects completed a training session with LOSA. The kids were thrilled to attend each week and as a coach (and parent) you can’t ask for anything more.  Trainers kept the kids focused and transitioned quickly from drill to drill. The kids made visible progress from week to week and more importantly gained the confidence to extend themselves beyond what they though they could achieve.   I initially reached out to Mark to help plan our sessions. He was extremely accommodating and worked very hard to present training options that fit our schedules. Responses were prompt and provided all the answers I needed to make the best decision for our group.   We had a great session with LOSA and will be back!.

Mike Ince – Asst. Coach – Hillcrest Summits

LOSA is a great school to get your kids skating correctly.   I would highly recommend using the academy.   Alicia and Mark truly care about seeing the kids develop.   Mark goes out of his way to make sure he has the right instructors in place to get the best out of your kids.

Jerry Di Iorio

“Most hockey experts agree that skating is a priority in the game today; it is the key to becoming a successful hockey player. Improve your skating and the skills and hockey sense will follow. We rely on LOSA team to develop our sons’ skating technique – they are one of the best skating schools around!”.

Roger Torriero

As a firm believer that the foundation for any hockey players’ development is built around skating, I could not be happier with the progression my son achieved over the course of this past season with LOSA. His edging, balance and stride development are directly attributed to the expert instruction received from Alicia and the Lights Out staff. I’m satisfied the foundation has been set this past training season for future progression in my sons skating. See you next season!.

Tom McNally

Lights Out Skating Academy (LOSA) was instrumental in teaching my boys (ages 6 and 9) the fundamentals of skating. LOSA’s emphasis on edge work, blade control, balance and stride development propelled my kids to excel in Rep and Select hockey this season. The Academy was extremely organized with low teacher to student ratios, and my boys really benefitted from LOSA’s highly skilled figure skating instructors. Thank you!.

Sofi Quadri

Lights Out Skate Academy has helped my son (9) with his stride, agility, quickness, balance and edge control. The instructors are great and understand the importance of skating form and fundamentals. The instructor to skater ratio is incredible, which ensures that each player receives the focus & correction immediately. All the lessons helped my son with proper  Skating habits in the early age which you will never learn from your team training. I would highly recommend To use LOSA. Thank you!.

Richard Ma

Lights Out Skating Academy really understands the importance of skating form & fundamentals. They helped my boys (aged 8-11) with their stride, agility, quickness, balance and edge control and did it all while having fun.   The coach to skater ratio is incredible and ensures that each participant receives the focus & correction they need.   Thank you! .

Alison Williams

“Just wanted to write a quick thank you note to LOSA.   My son, who plays AAA,  has been working with the instructors for the past several months.   The instructors and the staff there are first class.   It is clearly evident that they really enjoy working with the kids.   All the hard work is really starting to bear fruit.   His skating has always been pretty good but the numerous sessions with LOSA on edge work and perfecting his skating style has taken his game to the next level.   I’m thankful that I made a commitment to LOSA and would recommend the academy to anyone who wants to improve their skating skills so they can be LIGHTS OUT!”.

John Lee

I have had two of my sons in LOSA training for the better part of a year, and have seen remarkable gains in their edge work and in-game speed.   The small group approach really benefits the boys, and the coaching is consistent and professional each time they are out.   AAA coach and parent.

Jason Pratt

I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for all of the effort you are putting into A. J. ’s skating development.   We have tried 3 other skating programs over the years and none have compared to LOSA.   LOSA is a fun, positive and encouraging environment and A. J. looks forward to every session.   Mark, you told A. J. after the first session that if he keeps at it he will see a drastic improvement in his skating after 10 sessions.   We saw a huge difference in his skating and game in just 5 sessions  LOSA is for all ages and skill levels and I can honestly say we will continue going to LOSA for the remainder of his hockey career.   Thank you again everyone.   See you on the ice.

Justin Gladman

My son has been working with the LOSA trainers/coaches since September, 2017. It is truly amazing how his skating technique has improved in just a few short weeks. He definitely focuses more on balance, edges and tight turns during practices and in game situations. During drills or speed laps, he used to “glide” around the net, now he uses his cross-overs when going around the net to gain an edge over his teammates or opponents.   The LOSA program works with small groups which ensures that each skater gets the proper attention. This also allows them to focus on the individual need of each skater.   LOSA trainers/coaches are all excellent skaters themselves with many years experience. Their abilities, knowledge and experience is seamlessly transferred to their students.   I would recommend LOSA to anyone who wants to improve their skating ability, needs to correct bad skating habits, or simply a good skater who wants to become a great skater!.

Enzo Loschiavo

With two boys in minor hockey, time is limited for extra curricular programs for development.  As I’ve witnessed over the years observing the kids play, skating is the most important facet in the game.  I entrust LOSA for my boys in their development of the skating skills they need to be a cut above – great work to the entire LOSA team.

Vince La Marca

Lights Out Skating Academy has helped both of my kids who play hockey immensely.   Their edging, shooting, stick handling and overall hockey skills have improved.   I recommend Lights Out Skating Academy for all ages.

Lisa Borzellino

My son has a passion for the game of hockey. Lights Out Skating Academy (LOSA) has been instrumental in giving him a solid skating foundation and outstanding edge work. All the instructors at LOSA have taught and strengthened the fundamentals of skating not only to my son but also to his teammates. The attention these instructors have to detail is impressive. My son is encouraged and pushed to be his best. I believe in Lights Out Skating Academy “slow and perfect” doing it right not about the speed.   I highly recommended LOSA to anyone looking to improve their children’s skating abilities.

Jill Hynes

Mark and his crew of first rate instructors at Lights Out Skating Academy bring an approach to teaching and a focus on core elements of skating development – power, balance, lateral movement – that should be mandatory for every hockey program, at every level of ability, for any age group. Both of my sons skate with LOSA, and, during the time that they have been with the program, I have seen noticeable improvement in their technique and their confidence. I would recommend LOSA highly.   Minor Atom AAA  assistant coach/trainer.

Joe Ryan

Mark is great with kids and is very passionate in what he does. I see a big improvement in my sons confidence and development. I would highly recommend L. O. S. A. Mark also takes time to listen to the parents questions and concerns.

Sam Panetta

I have never had the time to take my son to any extra hockey camps in the past.   This past year I have made the effort with L. O. S. A and had no idea how important It was for his development.   Julian skills has dramatically increased especially in skating. I would most definitely recommend L. O. S. A team to anyone who would like to see immediate results.

Tara Mccarthy

My son was behind as a skater. He started late and as parent you feel horrible that your child is in the bottom of anything let alone a group of kids. After only four private lessons with Lights Out Skating  my son went from last to the middle of pack and began to enjoy hockey more and more. Thanks Lights Out words cannot begin to show our gratitude as our sons confidence continues to grow. Thank-you!.

John Chetti

“I would like to thank the L. O. S. A team for being a game changer in my son’s confidence on the ice. My son was in a rut when I decided to try out L. O. S. A in an effort to ignite the fire he once had. Ever since he attended the first skills/shinny session, he’s been a different player on the ice. The player I know he can be is what came out and I believe it’s a direct reflection of what L. O. S. A and the team do on the ice. A pat on the back from someone other than a parent or current coach is all a kid needs sometimes to start a fire and that’s what they did for my boy!! I can’t thank you enough for bringing my boy back to loving hockey again!.

Charlie Gueli

I started taking my 2009 son to L. O. S. A about 4 months ago to focus solely on his skating.   It was a big change for him to go on the ice with no sticks or pucks but it has been amazing.   The team of trainers is top notch and we have seen such great improvements in his edges, control and speed.   L. O. S. A will continue to be a key component in my son’s development as he gets ready to enter his first season of AAA.   I would highly recommend L. O. S. A to anyone serious about improving their skating skills!.

Adam Schachter

As a coach, player, fan, and student of the game the L. O. S. A program provides all the key aspects of player development required for the game of hockey. L. O. S. A team has a excellent understanding of the type of development needed to improve the most important  aspects of the game of hockey. I cannot express how much value his training has been in the development of my son. I will be using L. O. S. A for all of our training needs.   ThanksEnzo D’Amico.

Enzo D’Amico

My son Jack has always had a passion for hockey, specifically, the goalie position, and although he had never actually played Ice Hockey or skated before, that didn’t stop him from joining his first hockey team this past year (2017-2018), at the age of 9.   With his first year behind him, and a little more confidence on the ice, it was time for the next step.   I reached out to Mark at the Lights Out Skating Academy. I told him all about Jack’s passion for hockey and his dream to become a goalie, even though Jack required additional skating lessons and goalie training. Without hesitation, Mark told me to bring him out to the L. O. S. A training sessions.   Jack has gone out to a few lessons now. The progress that Mark and the L. O. S. A staff have aided my son in making, has been phenomenal! Having a goalie in the family too, Mark has been able to provide my son with endless amounts of knowledge, tips, tricks, do’s and dont’s. All invaluable knowledge that will help Jack in his performance, and ultimately, reaching his goals.   The entire L. O. S. A staff has been extremely patient, understanding and accommodating to Jack’s needs. They all have an unbelievable knowledge of the game, and make learning easy and fun.   Working with L. O. S. A has given Jack the confidence to become a great goalie, and thanks to Mark and the staff, that will be sooner rather than later.   Thank you Mark and the entire L. O. S. A staff.

Tony Iozzo

I put my 5 year old son in L. O. S. A private lessons as he has never been on skates before. Just after 3 lessons he was able to skate across the rink by himself without falling. After 6 lessons he is almost skating backwards. We are so happy with his progress so far and can’t believe how quick he is learning. Thanks to the instructors, they are Top Noch!!! I would very much recommend L. O. S. A to anyone that has never been on skates or that feels they would like to improve their skating ability.   Mark is fantastic to deal with, he cares about your questions and concerns. He also cares about the improvement of your child.

Melaine Gradowski

We chose Lights Out Skating Academy to take our son’s development to the next level, and we’re very pleased with our decision. The greatest skill the trainers have, is the ability to relate to the students; individually. They spend time working with each skater; ensuring the drill is done right. With this group, it’s not all about who can do it the fastest, it’s about doing it right with continued practice in a small group setting. We look forward to our son working with L. O. S. A. and as a hockey player, we can’t wait to see what level L. O. S. A takes him to.

Danielle Murray

My son and members of his Minor Atom A team have been working with the L. O. S. A trainers/coaches since January 2018.   The improvement happened quickly and significantly!!!. L. O. S. A helped improve their edgework, balance and agility.     I strongly recommend the program for small groups which ensures that each skater gets the correct assessment and attention required.     It was a pleasure to deal with Mark and all of his instructors.   They were pleasant, flexible, knowlegeable and accommodating.   We arranged a number of small group sessions for our team; the group of parents, kids and coaches all felt satisfied, valued and appreciated.   I look forward to working with L. O. S. A again in the near future!!!.

Rob Costabile

After approximately 36 private skating lessons at various establishments I saw little progress in my 3 young children’s skating skills. After being a tad frustrated I conducted phone interviews with several skating schools; ultimately deciding on Lights Out Skating Academy. My experience with Mark was professional, informative and most of all he understood the goals. After 3 classes my children’s skill levels were so drastically improved I had others who had seen them skate previously inquiring with respect to what I had done to improve their respective skill levels. Mark and his team has delivered their objectives and have stayed the course of consistency and professionalism. Although, I am testifying to the tremendous success we have experienced what has been even more gratifying is the level of transparency and commitment to delivering value to me regarding spend and objective.     K. Newman.

K. Newman

We joined Lights Out Skating Academy because we were interested in the goalie skating program offered. We are staying because in just a few sessions, we noticed that the skating improvement was monumental. Our goalie has always been able to skate, but with L. O. S. A. sessions he is beginning to gain a whole new level of confidence!   From novice to elite level hockey players, we have watched L. O. S. A. staff work with children at a level and pace that shows measurable improvement.   To excel at any level of hockey, solid skating lays the foundation for all the skills work required to play the game. Lights Out Skating Academy offers that foundation, and has provided a service for young goaltenders that is simply not available any where else!.

Jocelyn Walsh

“My son is a goalie and has been going to the Lights Out Skating Academy for a year now, and his skating development has been second to none. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and work great with the kids. If you’re looking for a fun, but challenging skating school to help develop or push your child to the next level, I would highly recommend L. O. S. A. ”.

Korry Dickout

Our son is so proud to be part of the Lights Out Skating Academy! The opportunity to be on the ice with ALL the FANTASTIC instructors who have the passion to help the development of not only my son, but all the kids. Very impressive how much attention is given to every detail of skating , from balance, strength, power, skating technique.   and even mental approach – (positive attitudes of the instructors). My son has improved in every area and will continue to experience the well organized on ice sessions which  provide a fantastic environment where kids can develop their skills, have fun and feel their confidence grow. Thanks to everyone at L. O. S. A who have made such a positive impact on our son.

Billy Silva

My son has attended session with Lights Out Skating Academy; the instructors spend the time and effort to correct and develop skating technique, so that it is performed properly.    They provide an environment were kids can improve their skating and hockey skills in a safe and professional environment.   I would strongly recommend the program and trainers at L. O. S. A.

Leo Frisoli

We were first introduced to “Lights Out Skating Academy” through a friend; who said if your son loves hockey then he needs to try out “L. O. S. A” to further enhance his skating and skills.   Mark (who runs “L. O. S. A”) and his team of coaches and instructors, host several sessions that center on strengthening skills like skating (where they focus on balance, power and finesse) and stick-handling, passing and shooting, in an environment that allows your child to play alongside other kids who have the same love of the game. If your child is new to the world of ice hockey or a seasoned veteran, their development never stops and as a parent you want to give them every opportunity to excel.   “L. O. S. A” clearly excels in skating and skills development; while providing a high energy and family friendly atmosphere. I would highly recommend you give them a try, you will not be disappointed!.

Mitch Pereira

Our Minor Atom team has been working with L. O. S. A for several months.   We have found the skating technique and performance of our players has improved substantially.   What we most appreciate is the focus on the micro elements of the stride which, taken as a whole, provide greater acceleration and top-line speed with enhanced lateral mobility.   L. O. S. A instructors connect well with our players and their genuine focus on their development comes through every session. Working with Mark has been great.   He takes the time to understand our needs and develop a program that best achieves our objectives.   We are big fans!.

Philip Lucchese

L. O. S. A is such an amazing group of coaches and teachers. They spend the time to really get to know your child and focus in on how to make them better each session.   The attention to detail and the passion each coach has is amazing. I am extremely happy with what they have been able to teach my son in such a small amount of time. My son is always excited and having fun at each lesson.   Thank you Team L. O. S. A!.

Li Gayle

Since our son has been going to L. O. S. A on a regular basis we have see a tremendous improvement on his stride and edge work . The more frequently he has worked with the L. O. S. A instructors the quicker we have seen a change in his skating ability in both practices and games . The instructors pay attention to each skaters needs and get the most out of each student , while making it interesting and fun!   Thank you L. O. S. A staff The Bruce family.

Steve Bruce

THANK YOU L. O. S. A, A. J. ’s GOING TO THE BRICK!!!   It’s been about 18 months since A. J. first stepped on the ice with the amazing team of instructors at L. O. S. A and his skating is night and day from that first session.   The progression and focus on all the tools he needs to excel at the highest level are at the forefront of each session; edgework, stamina, and movement on the ice are LIGHTS OUT!  I could go on and on about all the amazing things L. O. S. A has to offer like the fact you can just book a session day of and not pre-pay for 8 like every other company and then won’t allow for a makeup class should a scheduling issue arise.   Bottom line is that most kids can shoot the puck because they all have the ability to do it on their driveways or with their team coaches but unless you invest the time and money into L. O. S. A you’re debilitating them on the ice.   In my opinion the biggest difference between kids at all levels is their skating ability and if you’re child has the passion, discipline and desire to be the best you need to go to L. O. S. A, I promise you that if you make the commitment in a couple of months you will see amazing results in your child!   Thank you so much Mark, Michelle, Chloe and all the other instructors A. J. has had the opportunity of learning from; we owe so much of his success to all of you!    We’ll send pics from Edmonton!.

Justin Gladman