• Intensive training that optimize power, balance, control and agility on the ice.
Coaching: (416) 917-1067
Coaching: (416) 917-1067
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Waiver Registration Form


All participants in Lights Out Skating Academy training programs must complete and agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the waiver form below. 

Parent Guardian Information

enter the parent/guardian information

Login Information

to create a LOSA customer account for easy online registrations in the future, please enter and confirm your new account password.

Parent Guardian Address

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Player Information

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Player Medical Information

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Terms & Conditions

please check that you have read and agreed to terms & conditions below.

The participants and parents acknowledge and agree that Lights Out Skating Academy directors or instructors will not be held responsible for any accidents, damage, injury or loss however caused, negligent or otherwise, at any time and expressly any and all the aforementioned parties from all claims arising from any accident, damage, injury or as consequence thereof. In the event of an inability to be contacted, I hereby give Lights Out Skating Academy permission to seek any necessary medical attention needed.

Lights Out Skating Academy has the right to use any photos for brochures,fliers or videos for website of any child.